Only Nature can decide what shape and colour a pearl will be. While the small nucleus implanted in a pearl oyster is round in shape, due to the thickness of the oysters’ nacre, the pearls emerge in a wide range of shapes from the most highly sought after round pearl to the unique shape of the baroque and circle pearls. Choosing a particular shape is a personal decision and each shape is as individually and beautiful as the next however all are valued differently with a perfect round pearl being the most expensive.

South Sea and Tahitian pearls are typically categorised by their shape as Round, Oval, Drop, Button, Baroque and Circlé

Keshi: Keshi pearls are small non-nucleated pearls typically formed as by-products of pearl cultivation and are composed of pure pearl nacre.

‘Keshi’ is a Japanese term that means “poppy seed” which relates to ‘small’ pearls. Keshies range in size from 2–10 millimetres and remain quite rare therefore making them highly sought after due to their intense lustre and freeform shapes.