Galwey Pearls – Our Story

With a family history stretching back to the early days of pearling, Galwey Pearls have a deep and lasting connection with the most precious of nature’s gems.


Galwey Pearls is a family business founded by Lyndal Galwey and run by her daughter Prudence. Both women have a passion for the beauty of South Sea and Tahitian pearls and seek out only the most distinctive pearls to create unique and beautiful jewellery designs that showcase each pearl and reveal it’s virtues in the most exquisite way.


Each Galwey Pearls creation is original in design and all of our pearls are natural in colour. We source pearls of the highest standard of lustre, complexion, shape, size and colour to feature in our designs.


When you wear Galwey Pearls you are wearing pearls of distinction.


We believe that choosing your pearls in person is the only way to truly appreciate and understand the natural beauty and individuality of these gems and offer a bespoke design service for you to collaborate with our designers to create the perfect piece just for you.